About MINI with friends

Mini with friends was founded in september 2015. Just a couple of monthes befor my daughter was born. Before that I had just a small hobby business where I made all the gament by myself. That kept going for a while and more and more I started to feel that it became to much for me. I started to look for a factory. A year later we finually find the right one. 

This is MINI with friends

Our goal is to create beautiful and comfortable clothes of the highest quality for our smallest - who are as frendly to our beloved little ones as they are to our planet. 

we put quality first and strive to create the little extra. We have chosen to place our production in a small factory in europe, only 80 miles from where they are designed. Small-scale, ethical production and short shipping distances are something we are proud of. 

All our garments are made of hight quality organic cotton. Of course, we have chosen the best for our planet and all the little ones living on it. Or brand has classic cuts with timeless details, thought through down to the smallest stitches.